B Outside Forest School – A New Sponsor for the U13 Girls Team!

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Jon Hickey, manager of the U13 Girls, is very proud to announce that B Outside Forest School has agreed to sponsor the Alresford Town Youth U13 Girls for the 2022/2023 season!

A Word With Rebecca Prior, Founder

“Why was I drawn to sponsoring an Alresford Town U13 Girls team?

A meet up with an old school friend on the night of the EURO’s final, we reminisced about the gaps, challenges, and exclusions we had faced in sport. We both had a tear in our eyes as the trophy was lifted. ‘The lionesses’ victory this Summer, shone another light on the importance of and growing interest in the wide range of women’s elite sport.

However, great the publicity this has generated in the media, it is grassroots that needs the support, the encouragement and obstacles removed. She mentioned that a local football club near her had had over 80 enquires from girls and they were in desperate need of any kit so they could train and in time play matches. A seed was planted.

I couldn’t be prouder that B Outside Forest School has had the opportunity to be a part sponsor of this season’s kit. I hope that this fantastic kit will inspire you to work hard and know your value and your place in local sport.

It makes me feel excited that B Outside Forest School can be a tiny, tiny part of a much much bigger picture to support grassroots football and in turn to the future of women’s football.

As a family we have had a relationship with Alresford Town spanning back to 2013/14 when we moved to the area. Two of our 3 sons have played for the club. Made friends, won some matches, and learnt a lot about themselves. Our youngest played with 2 girls all the way until U12 when they left to play for different girls’ teams. None of our sons see women’s sport as less valued or less impressive. They just watch sport. The “who” bit rarely registers.

Good luck this season. I look forward to coming to cheer you on!

Warm wishes, Rebecca”

About B Outside Forest School

B Outside Forest School provides exceptional quality Forest School in two local sites to Alresford. Provision is for school age children within school settings and on site for young adults, adults and families. 10-week courses, stand-alone experiences, holiday camps and birthday parties. B Outside also is working to support local companies to develop social responsibility and wellbeing with in the work place.

Email [email protected] or visit the website at https://www.boutsidefs.com for more information.

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